Filborna Redovisningsbyrå provides tax, legal and administration services.

If you are establishing your business or moving your private domicile to Sweden we are pleased to provide you with high quality and confidential services within the following main service areas:

 • Corporate tax

 • Business law

 • Real Etate

 • Mergers & acquisitions 

 • Customs / value-added tax

 • Establishment and joint ventures 

 • Company formations

A special service directed to small companies or entities providing book keeping and extensive administration services

Due to low administration and overhead costs combined with high efficiency we are pleased to offer our clients the possibilities to considerable lower fees than normally available for similar high quality services.

About us:

Björn Fajersson

  • Bachelor of Law and Arts.
  • International tax, legal and financial advisor.
  • Also long experience as consultant to small and medium sized domestic companies.
  • Experience as International Tax Partner in one of the worlds largest and most respected accountancy/consultancy companies, Judge and Chief Tax Inspector.
  • Author of tax books and many professional articles in Swedish magazines.

Ingrid Melander: Administration Services

  • Economic education at upper Secondary school.
  • More than 30 years experience working with administration in small companies.

Daniela Rigman: Administration Services

  • Accountant, Vocational University Malmö 2014
  • Accounting and Management Information at the Babes- Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Experience in accounting at Saint-Gobain Weber.
  • Also experience in various economical areas related to small companies in Sweden.

Fredrik Fajersson: Administration Services

  • Trade and Administration education 1997 at Upper Secondary School in Helsingborg.
  • Several years general working experience in smaller Swedish Companies and part of 1999 in a large Real Estate Company in Chicago, U S A.
  • During 1999 - 2001 responsible for the administration of a small Food Company during the ordinary staffs vacations.
  • Practical education within bookkeeping and administration under supervision during 2002 and 2003.
  • Very familiar with computers and educated on the software used for the services.

Nina Fajersson: Administration Services

  • Educated pastry chef but with a greater interest in bookkeeping.

  • Attended a financial assistant training for ten months and worked at Filborna redovisningsbyrå since 2016.

Majda Rasidagic: Administration Services

  • Experience of entrepreneurship within the family as well as self-employed

  • Working with bookkeeping and accounting at Filborna Redovisningsbyrå.

  • Always had a great interest in administrative work.

Rasha Al-Najafi: Administration services

  • Completed four years of training in Baghdad specializing in accounting. The education corresponds to a Swedish bachelor's degree with business administration as the main area.

  • Completed training as a financial and accounting assistant at Hermods AB.

Kim Olsen: IT services

  • Educated in electronics and automation.
  • Bought his first computer in 1982 and learned to program in Basic and  Assembler.
  • Was a partner in a company where he did multimedia and commercials.
  • Have worked in a gamecompany. Built 3D worlds for gameconsoles and PC.
  • Technical support by phone for Dell and Sony.

You can contact Kim by mail: kim@filbornaredovisning.se


If a question needs any special attention we have long term relations with associates adhering to high quality standards who can provide the services that we require.

You are always welcome to contact us:


Telephone: +46 42 15 02 90

E-mail: bjorn@filbornaredovisning.se


Björn +46 703 531 555

Fredrik +46 705 108 555


Filborna Redovisningsbyrå AB

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